1933-34 Crackerjack presidents game coins

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1933-34 Crackerjack presidents game coins

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I have a collection of cracker Jack Presidents game coins. I have 97 of them I would like to sell this collection either individually or the whole lot, but I have no clue as to their value. Is anybody out there familiar with these coins or able to give me a rough estimate of what they could be worth? The ones I have are all aluminum and there are presidents from the beginning to 1933. They are all in wonderful condition.
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Re: 1933-34 Crackerjack presidents game coins

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This is a collector's group but not a pricing service and we cannot help you with pricing. Your coins are from the Cracker Jack Mystery Club promotion in the early 1930s. That being said, the coins are, as you know, aluminum and all but indestructible. Lots of them survive in excellent condition. Coins with "Save This Medal" on the reverse are scarcer than ones with "Save This Coin". These show up on eBay fairly often; you can probably gauge prices from there.
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