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Re: Are any of these celluloid charms Cracker Jack?

Posted: Wed Nov 28, 2018 3:20 pm
by Jeffrey Maxwell
That's the cool thing about collecting different things -- making connections between sometimes seemingly unconnected things. Cracker Jack has always been my favorite topic of plastic toys, but CJ did not exist in a vacuum. So understanding the world around them is important. I was born in 1963, so I don't remember anything before the 1970's, so my lack of personal experience has to be replaced by scholarship. Unfortunately the memories of children are not always very clear, so sworn testimony that they removed an item from a box of Cracker Jack 60 years ago cannot always be taken for granted.

My favorite topics in collecting include (1) toys that were used as Cracker Jack prizes but were also available elsewhere (such as NOSCO western flats also sold in comic book ads); (2) toys that look like or might have been copied from Cracker Jack prizes (such as Types III and IV alphabet animals; and (3) other toys that were not used as Cracker Jack prizes made by companies that made Cracker Jack toys (such as your elephant). Be safe in South Africa. I have FB friends who are experiencing quite a bit of problems in their areas.

Happy Collecting,
Jeffrey Maxwell