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Sport - yesterday and to-day cards

Posted: Thu Nov 27, 2008 12:51 pm
by gsullivan
Both of these cards are from the Sport - yesterday and to-day series of cards distributed in Cracker Jack in Canada. They are marked "Manufactured in Canada by Walter M. Lowney Co. Ltd. - Montreal."
These are a series of 48 cards where each of 24 sports shows a yesterday scene of the sport in action and then a today scene. The yesterday and today scenes of a sport are numbered consecutive cards. For example, Auto Racing Yesterday is card No. 9 and Auto Racing Today is card No. 10.

Note the difference in these two cards with respect to the shape. The archery (yesterday) card has rounded corners while the Speed Skating (Today) card has square corners. The edges on the left-hand side of the Skating card appear a little rough or frayed. Beyond that, both cards appear identical with respect to fonts, glossiness of card stock, thickness of card stock, etc., overall size, etc. Does anybody know more about these cards? Were they issued in both the rounded and straight corner varieties? Has anybody found repros of these cards? Does anybody have more info about the exact dates/years these cards were distributed?

By the way if you are unfamiliar with these cards there is an album made to put them in that is marked "Lowney's Cracker Jack Album" on the front of it. The pages to store the cards are black with slits and each card has a numbered noted spot to be put in the album.

Re: Sport - yesterday and to-day cards

Posted: Thu Nov 27, 2008 4:29 pm
by larrydw
Hello Gail,
I believe they came in both rounded and square corners. Lowney produced all of the UN Battle plane cards, etc, so I would imagine it would have been after WWII ended. I believe around 1946, but it could have been later.